[greenstone-users] PagedImgPlug.pm GSDL 2.72

From Heather Rolen
DateThu Mar 27 06:24:17 2008
Subject [greenstone-users] PagedImgPlug.pm GSDL 2.72
I have some questions after having read the documentation included in
PagedImgPlug.pm for creating an image collection with navigation

I'm running Greenstone 2.72 on a windows server. This collection is a
simple book consisting only of page images, no text, or OCR. I would
like to add the 'go to page' feature as well as navarrows. When I build
the collection with PagedImgPlug the page images are not ingested and so
do not display at all. When I build with the ImagePlug the images
display but I can not add navigation features (navarrow). Here is an
excerpt of my xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<Metadata name="Title">Yizkor book</Metadata>
<Page pagenum="1" imgfile="001.jpg"
<Metadata name="Title">Yizkor book</Metadata>

<Metadata name="Title">Yizkor book</Metadata>
<Page pagenum="2" imgfile="002.jpg"
<Metadata name="Title">Yizkor book</Metadata>

Is the PagedImgPlug.pm required for backward and forward navigation and
go to menu, or can I use the Image plugin? If so, would someone be
willing to share an example of their PagedImgPlug.pm with me so I can