Re: Server fails

From Shaukat Khan
DateTue, 05 Nov 2002 15:54:24 +0000
Subject Re: Server fails
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On 29/10/02 2:50 pm, "Shaukat Khan" <> wrote:

>> The server.exe available in the downloadable "Export to CD-ROM" package is a
>> little old (around about version 2.35 I think). Try replacing it with the
>> one at and see if the problem goes
>> away.
> I have installed the new version, it appears to be running, but the browser
> (Mozilla) reports connection refused, Opera and IE just hang, both standard
> and restricted modes.
> Under Win2k the server process is shown as server.exe, I am now testing in
> XP where it is shown as wowexec, presumably some compatibility mode. I have
> similar results in Win95. The log is below such as it is.

Further to my comments above, I have found that CDROMs exported from Windows
XP work fine, it is just those exported from FreeBSD that fail. This seems
to indicate a problem either with the Unix gsdl build or (more likely) my
use of mkisofs and burncd to create the CD's.

Best regards