[greenstone-devel] [greenstone - Help] Specifying Search Criteria in Greenstone

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DateThu, 21 Jun 2007 12:05:40 -0700
Subject [greenstone-devel] [greenstone - Help] Specifying Search Criteria in Greenstone
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By: amwilbon

We've created a survey to begin creating an inventory of the research projects
faculty and staff are currently working on. If someone is searching for folks
who are doing research on the study of "culture", for example, that someone
would obviously type in "culture" into the search field. However, the term "culture"
appears on ALL the surveys because "culture" is embedded in a question on the
initial survey. Is there a way for me to limit what fields Greenstone searches
- a way for Greestone to ignore the questions in the initial survey and only
search through the answers people have provided?

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