Re: [greenstone-devel] Installation

From Stefan Boddie
DateWed, 21 May 2003 10:51:34 +1200
Subject Re: [greenstone-devel] Installation
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> I am trying to talk with installation packages. I do really need to
> make installation of one collection; tried many time greenstone
> Export installation - but it was amazingly slow(slow to restart).
> I do not know for what are all these files inside exported_coll
> [win32s,net16,net32]- trying to compare sizes of installed and
> exported demo collection I did not find any change (only directory
> structure).
> So, is it possible make ones own installation without setting
> anything? (simply copy exported_coll at InstallDir and then change
> gsdlsite.cfg)
> Or, can installation package take or send arguments? (this would be
> the best for me - if it send or take InstallDir)
> thank you for any suggestion
> Roman

The best solution if having real problems with the greenstone installer is
probably to create your own installer using one of the many available
installer packages. There's a list of some free and non-free installers at Of those on the
list I've only tried InstallShield (very powerfull but very expensive) and
InnoSetup (free and also quite good).

Regarding the more mysterious contents of the greenstone installer stuff:

* Win32s. This is required only if you want your collection to run on
windows 3.1. When installing on windows 3.1 the greenstone installer first
checks if win32s is installed. If it's not it installs it (using the
installer in the Win32s folder) before installing greenstone. If you're not
intending to install your collection on anything older than windows 95 you
don't need to worry about this and can leave the win32s directory out. Note
that most of the available installers won't run on windows 3.1 anyway.

* net32. This folder contains a dll that is used by server.exe if you select
the "Restricted Version" button rather than "Enter Library". It's useful if
the collection is installed on a PC that doesn't have networking installed
or on which networking is broken. The net32 folder should be installed to
the same place as server.exe is.

* net16. This is the same as net32 but is only used if the server is run on
windows 3.1. If you're not targetting windows 3.1 you can leave it out.

* There's also a "netscape" folder containing two quite large .exe files.
These are installers for netscape 4 which the greenstone installer offers to
install after completing installation of the collection itself. These days
it's kind of rare for a PC not to have a browser installed so it's probably
not worth including these either. Note that n16e405.exe is a 16 bit version
of netscape so isn't required unless you're targetting windows 3.1.

I hope some of that helps.