[greenstone-devel] [numleafdocs] not working.

From stephen.degabrielle@bigpond.com
DateThu, 9 Dec 2004 17:26:05 +0930
Subject [greenstone-devel] [numleafdocs] not working.
Hi, I am trying to use [numleafdocs] - but it has no value.

I used db2txt to convert my .ldb file to see what happened-but I found it was undefined for [CL2.2] and all the other nodes. Any idea what's going on? No hand building-Just gli.

Ps. While I was in there I noticed [oai.1] etc. Is that what I think it is. If so is there an address I can point a OAI-PMH harvester to?

Stephen De Gabrielle
via the mobile phone