Protect URLs from rewriting, construct archive files directly?

From Tod Olson
DateMon, 04 Nov 2002 18:24:51 -0600
Subject Protect URLs from rewriting, construct archive files directly?
I'm working with Greenstone to put up a collection of scanned piano
scores. After working with Greenstone for a little bit, I have two

1. I'm indexing HTML files that refer to images (via URL). I do not
want to copy the images into Greenstone, but rather to have my archive
documents refer to their original URLs (they're large, and I can't
increase my storage right now). How can I prevent the URLs for the
image files from being rewritten by the HTML plugin?

2. I would like to generate the Greenstone archive documents
directly, rather than generate HTML. Is there a plugin that will let
me import archive documents directly, or is there some other way to do

I've looked a bit at the sample collect.cfgs at, and
experimented some, but haven't hit the solution.

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