.dm macros

From Tod Olson
DateWed, 04 Dec 2002 14:56:13 -0600
Subject .dm macros
I am seeing inconsistencies in the hows and whys of .dm macros

I have the following lines in base.dm:

page [c=chpdemo] {image }
pages [c=chpdemo] {images}
_textgoto_ [c=chpdemo] {go to image}

These macros are used by the page-turning interface and apply to a
collection of scanned piano scores. All three macros are defined in
english.dm, and I try to override them, for one collection, with these
defns in base.dm. page and pages expand as in base.dm, shown
above, but _textgoto_ (the button label) expands as defined in
english.dm. Anyone know why?

As a followup question, I'd like to use some macros from the .dm files
in format strings in the collect.cfg format string, but my experiments
have failed. Is this possible, and under what conditions?

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