GS image generation fails

From Tod Olson
DateSun, 08 Dec 2002 19:32:43 -0600
Subject GS image generation fails
I'm running Greenstone 2.38 on a RedHat Linux 7.2 box, gimp-1.2.1-7 and
gimp-perl-1.2.1-7 rpms are installed.

First attemp to generate images resulted in: required callback 'net' not found (ERROR) required callback 'net' not found (ERROR)

I noticed the, etc. scripts and copied them into place. Now I get: /^HASH(0x82219ac/: unmatched () in regexp at /usr/local/gsdl/bin/script/gimp/ line 385. (DIE) /^HASH(0x82219ac/: unmatched () in regexp at /usr/local/gsdl/bin/script/gimp/ line 385. (DIE)

This is in the wrap_text subroutine:

sub wrap_text {

# don't wrap text if it already contains carriage returns
return if $text =~ / /;

# the following assumes that all words are less than $wrap_length long
my $wrap_length = 14;

my $new_text = "";
while (length ($text) >= $wrap_length) {
my $line = substr ($text, 0, $wrap_length);
$text =~ s/^$line//; # <--- line 385
$line =~ s/s([^s]*)$/ /;
$text = $1 . $text;
$new_text .= $line;
$new_text .= $text;
$text = $new_text;

Perl's not my gig, but it looks like $line comes from a config file

Anyone have a clue?

The follow question will be: once these scripts are working, I will
want to customize the images somewhat. For example, I have browseable
MusicGenre metadata, but I want the nav bar button to say "genre."
Might also want to change the default color scheme and such. I know
these images live in $GSDLHOME/images, but I don't know the naming
conventions, and I don't know whether some of the defaults live in a
file somewhere. Any light shed would be appreciated.

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