Adding images to navbar

From Tod Olson
DateThu, 09 Jan 2003 11:20:20 -0600
Subject Adding images to navbar
[Greenstone 2.38 on Linux, compiled from CVS sources as of 8 Jan

I have a collection with some non-Dublin Core metadata (e.g.,
MusicGenre), and classifiers are defined in collect.cfg for these
metadata. In the navbar, the "button" for MusicGenre browsing is
plain text, but I need to display the usual green and yellow buttons.
Similarly, when I go the MusicGenre browse listing, I'd like to
display a green and white title image.

I have created a custom macro file and added it to main.cfg
(abbrev. contents below). produces the images as
expected, but they are still not referenced in the HTML.

Can I make these buttons and other images for this non-DC metadata
display by modifying the macro files, or do I have to tweak the
receptionist? In either case, where should I look next?

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package Global

## "genre a-z" ## nav_bar_button ## tgenr ##
_httpicontgenrgr_ [l=en] {/gsdl/web/images/en/tgenrgr.gif}
_httpicontgenrof_ [l=en] {/gsdl/web/images/en/tgenrof.gif}
_httpicontgenron_ [l=en] {/gsdl/web/images/en/tgenron.gif}
_widthtgenrx_ [l=en] {87}
_texticontabmusicgenregreen_ [l=en] {Genre}

_icontabMusicGenregreen_ {<img
src="_httpicontgenrgr_" width=_widthtgenrx_ border=0>}
_icontabMusicGenregreen_[v=1] {_texticontabmusicgenregreen_}

_imageMusicGenre_ {_gsimage_(_httpbrowseMusicGenre_,_httpicontgenrof_,_httpicontgenron_,musicgenre,_textimageMusicGenre_)}
_textimageMusicGenre_ {Browse by genre}

package document

## "genre" ## green_title ## h_genr ##
_httpiconhgenr_ [l=en] {/gsdl/web/images/en/h_genr.gif}
_widthhgenr_ [l=en] {200}
_heighthgenr_ [l=en] {57}

_iconMusicGenrepage_ {<img src="_httpiconhgenr_" width=_widthhgenr_
_iconMusicGenrepage_ [v=1] {<h2>_texticonhgenr_</h2>}

package Global