Re: XML input files - possible?

From Tod Olson
DateThu, 09 Jan 2003 13:39:59 -0600
Subject Re: XML input files - possible?
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>>>>> "NM" == Natalia N Modjeska <> writes:

NM> Last I checked (April 2002), Greenstone could not process input
NM> documents in the XML format. Has there been any change on this
NM> issue? I'm aware of the possibility of writing a plug-in for XML
NM> or translating XML files into HTML, but we'd rather not re-invent
NM> the wheel if possble ...

Not that I've heard of, and I also have XML source documents. One
issue, of course, is that the plugin would need some understanding of
the semantics of whatever DTD or Schema your documents conform to.

For a collection I'm working on, I use XSL to transform XML documents
(METS Schema) directly into Greenstone Archive documents. I think
this is a pretty reasonable way to deal with XML documents.

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