[greenstone-users] custom metadata and related images

From Tod Olson
DateTue, 06 Apr 2004 20:18:34 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] custom metadata and related images
I'm trying to debug a problem with images (navbar and title) for some
custom metadata. Platform: GS 2.41 on MacOS X

Neither the navbar and title images for certain custom metadata nor their
text equivalents appear in the navbar or the
browse listing page. Best I can tell, they are defined in macrofiles
that are included in etc/main.cfg, and no relevant errors show up in

What is happening is that where one expect to see either a "genre"
image or "Browse by genre" in the navbar, there's just the string
"de", and it is a hyperlink to the correct browse listing). Same for
the title image on the genre browse page: no image, no alt text, just
"de". There are no clues in the HTML, and the "de" appears for two of
the custom metada. Images are displaying for other custom metadata

The macro definitions for the MusicGenre metadata below are cut and
pasted from a custom .dm file, and the collect.cfg defines exactly one
classifier for MusicGenre. In case anyone can quickly spot my

Any ideas on where to look next would be appreciated. Missing macros,
conflicts, whatever.

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Macros follow:

package Global

## "genre" ## nav_bar_button ## tgenr ##
_httpicontgenrgr_ {/gsdl/web/images/tgenrgr.gif}
_httpicontgenrof_ {/gsdl/web/images/tgenrof.gif}
_httpicontgenron_ {/gsdl/web/images/tgenron.gif}
_widthtgenrx_ {87}
_texticontabmusicgenregreen_ {genre}

_MusicGenrewidth_ {_widthtgenrx_}

_icontabMusicGenregreen_ {<img
src="_httpicontgenrgr_" width=_widthtgenrx_ border=0>}
_icontabMusicGenregreen_ [v=1] {_texticontabmusicgenregreen_}

_imageMusicGenre_ {_gsimage_(_httpbrowseMusicGenre_,_httpicontgenrof_,_httpicontgenron_,musicgenre,_textimageMusicGenre_)}

_textimageMusicGenre_ {Browse by genre}

package document

## "genre" ## green_title ## h_genr ##
_httpiconhgenr_ {/gsdl/web/images/h_genr.gif}
_widthhgenr_ {200}
_heighthgenr_ {57}

_textMusicGenrepage_ {Genre}

_iconMusicGenrepage_ {<img src="_httpiconhgenr_" width=_widthhgenr_
_iconMusicGenrepage_ [v=1] {<h2>_texticonhgenr_</h2>}

package help

_textMusicGenreshort_ {access publications by musical genre}
_textMusicGenrelong_ { <p>You can <i>access publications by
musical genre</i> by pressing the <i>genres</i> button. This brings
up a list of genres. Click on the bookshelf image to see all works
belonging to this genre. }