Re: [greenstone-users] custom metadata and related images

From Tod Olson
DateWed, 07 Apr 2004 17:22:01 -0500
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] custom metadata and related images
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>>>>> "KD" == Katherine Don <> writes:

KD> There is an entry in the FAQ about how to add new images
KD> (
KD> A quick look at it doesn't show up anything you have missed, but
KD> you may like to look through to make sure.

I've double-checked, looks like all of the macros are defined.

I've also tried assigning a -buttonname for one of the default images
that is otherwise unused in this collection:

classify Hierarchy -metadata MusicGenre -buttonname Topic
-hfile genre.txt -sort TitleIdx

Still no images or unresolved macros in the HTML, just this mysterious
"de" string.

Time to rip out all of the macro defs for the problematic metadata,
then restore them one at a time, see if that does anything, or if
anything is revealed by the resulting HTML. Will probably start doing
one macro file per custom metadata field, if this debugging approach

Had this all working under GS 2.38, but upgrading and reapplying the
custom buttons isn't going so well.

KD> One problem could be if your metadata is namespaced eg you are
KD> using dc.MusicGenre, then the classifier won't use the MusicGenre
KD> images unless you add '-buttonname MusicGenre' to the classifier
KD> options.

Nope, no pesky namespacing.

KD> Also make sure that you have created your images.

Done. But if they were the problem, I'd expect the image alt text, or
maybe a broken <img> tag in the HTML or somesuch. Instead, it's the
mysterious "de". To clarify this "de" business, take for example our
Dedicatee browse page, where the title image comes from this HTML:

<td align=right><img src="/gsdl/images/h_dte.gif" width=200

The title image/text HTML for the MusicGenre browse is:

<td align=right><h2>de</h2></td>

Similarly for the nav bar. Maybe this rings a bell for someone?

KD> Otherwise, I don't know what to suggest.