Re: [greenstone-users] Transferring metadata

From Stephen De Gabrielle
DateMon, 26 Feb 2007 00:03:42 +0930
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] Transferring metadata
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Hi, just did this with 66000 items by modifying CVSMetadataPlug. (The
metadata was in text files)

There is also a 'database' plugin that can be used if that is how
your metadata is stored.

Another option is to write a script to generate [greenstone]
metadata.xml files that greenstone can use to associate the metadata
with the images as it imports them.

Send in a sample and a few more details - someone on the list has
probably had a similar problem. (They are a friendly mob!)

[I'd also check the wiki - there may already be a plugin that does
what you want. ]

By the way - It doesn't matter what sort of metadata you use; you can
either crosswalk it to dc or use any schema you like.


Stephen De Gabrielle

On 2/25/07, Julian Fox <> wrote:
> Hi there list,
> What is the possibility (or what are the options) for someone who might
> want to transfer, say, a photoarchive system already with about 15,000
> items in it to Greenstone - without retyping all the metadata. In other
> words, is it possible to take a set (doesn't happen to be DC, it's
> idiosyncractic but a system nevertheless) of metadata and transfer it
> across to a Greenstone collection somehow? I am trying to offer someone
> a way forward, but if it meant we had to retype all the metadata then he
> may baulk at the idea, understandably.
> Julian
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