[greenstone-users] Searches in GS 2.70

From Volker Kircheis
DateTue, 11 Jul 2006 13:04:38 +0200 (MES)
Subject [greenstone-users] Searches in GS 2.70
Hello List,

I build a collection without advanced searches. But I got some problems so
I've some questions:

1. To browse "Next" I build in the "format DocumentHeading" the following

NEXT =></a>}

The index dv3 has an ID-number for every document. So I get 1 result but the
"&ifl=1" doesn't work, so I get evrytime a list of results. What's wrong?

2. This list gives me in addition the following output: "Word count: 9005: 2,
1p: 12, 3173: 18" for the number 317390051p so it seems to me it separats the
number in parts and looks for. Why does it so? Ist possible to make it search
just the exact word or number?

2. I build in similar lines to have automated searches for locations. But if
the run with an value of two words or more for instance "New York". The search
uses just the first one. Is there anything I can do make it searching the
whole phrase?

Thanks a lot
Volker Konrad