[greenstone-users] basic intro type of question

From elliot
DateTue, 23 May 2006 16:44:23 +0200
Subject [greenstone-users] basic intro type of question
Hello people in Greenstone support,
Forgive my seeming professional ignorance, but...before I take the plunge into Greenstone:
1. What are the basic competencies needed for using the Greenstone program in an efficient manner?
  • What prior programming languages are needed?
  • Or other knowledge needed (IE, Dublin Core?)
2. In order to handle a small dual-language collection of English and Hebrew-language PDF and Word files, what is the downloading procedure -- for example, downloading the main Greenstone package, then doing necessary cataloging, then downloading the Hebrew package? Or do I have it wrong?
3. Finally, a question regarding uploading--which I did not see addressed outright in the documentation:
  • Does the Greenstone package include an FTP upload program, and if not, how is my collection to be uploaded to the Web?
  • Assuming Greenstone allows for uploading onto the web, do I need my own domain name, or can I attach it onto my organization's website? Or is there a third-party Web host for Greenstone collections?
Being new to virtual libraries, I do thank you all for any useful information or links you can help me out with,
Elliot Lazerwitz
Israel Family Planning Association
Tel Aviv