[greenstone-users] Utilizing Metadata

From kim.hsieh@utoronto.ca
DateSat, 5 Jul 2003 18:40:12 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Utilizing Metadata
I am just a new user of greenstone. I would like to build a collection with
feature similar to those demo collections shown on www.nzdl.org, such as
classified the documents according to organization, subject, author, and dates

I know that I need to supply relevant metadata in order to acheive that. I
wrote a short medata file (with no extension, so it's not an xml or txt file
etc). and I put every thing in one directory and import it. Even thogh the
metadata file was not being mistakenly treated as a normal file and no error
was generated during building process. However, I still only have one option,
that's the search on top of the page. There's no subject, date, and
organization categories etc.

I do use -use_metadata_files with RECplug , -description_tags, -
metadata_fields arguments with Html plug. And I also have written sub.txt,
org.txt etc and put them in the etc directory in my collection folder.

Can anyone just tell me what did I do wrong? and how could I solve the problem?

Kim Hsieh