[greenstone-devel] Some concerns about MGPP

From kim.hsieh@utoronto.ca
DateFri, 22 Aug 2003 15:32:30 -0400
Subject [greenstone-devel] Some concerns about MGPP

I have a few questions about MGPP searching engine used in Greenstone:

1. I notice that MGPP handle the punctuation marks for the query quite
unexpectedly. For instance, if I would like to search for the term "IBM.COM"
The search engine would only take the first word IBM and truncate the rest of
it. If I typed "IBM,COM", then MGPP would strip off that comma, and search
for 2 independent terms: IBM, COM. So what's wrong with the period? Why
can't MGPP handle it? and which file should I try to modify to solve this

2. I learnt from the MGPP manual provided on the greenstone's website that
we could specify the weight for the query terms to affect the ranking of the
query. So I just would like to confirm that things work correctly if we just
specify the weight with this convention: "query"/"the weight" without
modifying any of those source codes of MGPP.

Thanks a lot for the help,
Kim Hsieh