[greenstone-users] Punctuation Marks in MGPP

From kim.hsieh@utoronto.ca
DateMon, 25 Aug 2003 00:19:08 -0400
Subject [greenstone-users] Punctuation Marks in MGPP

I recently found that MGPP seems to react differently to various punctuation
marks. For instance, if I am looking for the term: Java.com. MGPP would just
search for java, it simply ignore the period and the following term. However,
if I search java,com (with a comma in between java and com), then MGPP would
strip off that comma and search for 2 separate terms: java and com. If I put
a hypen in between: java-com, then MGPP would search for 3 terms: java, - (the
hyphen), and com.

I know that Google would usually ignore all the punctuation marks. So how
could I make MGPP to do the same thing? Even if not, I still would like to
solve the problem with the period, which badly limit the searching capability
of greenstone. As stated in the above paragraph, MGPP would ignore the part of
the query staring from the period.

Thank you for your advice,
Kim Hsieh