[greenstone-users] 2 general questions about imaging standards

From mary manning
DateWed, 16 Nov 2005 14:21:53 -0500
Subject [greenstone-users] 2 general questions about imaging standards
First, I hope that it is okay to ask these 2 general questions (not
specifically related to GSDL). If not, I apologize. But any
recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

1.We are trying to come up with a minimum ppi for our scanning
standards. This is for our preservation quality Tiffs, not the 72 jpeg we
will be launching to the internet. We are considering 2 options. The first
being a min. of 300 ppi for photographs and 400 for handwritten documents.
(Of course, smaller photographs and slides often need to scanned at a higher
resolution, and all images need to be scanned to capture the smallest
significant detail.) The second option we are considering is scanning
everything at a min. of 600 ppi, as some publishers are requesting this
resolution (some still only need 300). Is there a trend towards requesting
600ppi in the publishing industry? We don't want to have scan materials
twice (for preservation and labor reasons).
2.It is not considered best practice in the archive world to use LZW
compression for preservation quality Tiffs. (Maybe because it proprietary?)
Has anyone ever had any problems or heard of any problems with LZW

Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your expertise. Mary

Mary M. Manning, M.A., Archivist
Medical Heritage Center
Prior Health Sciences Library
The Ohio State University
614-292-9966 (ph)
614-292-9919 (fax)

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