[greenstone-users] RE: DL

From nathan shan
DateFri, 1 Aug 2003 02:11:22 -0700 (PDT)
Subject [greenstone-users] RE: DL
Urgent pl.

Dear Sir/Madam

While building a collection using collect.cfg only
[i.e. without metadata/metadata.xml file], three
default indexes should come viz. text, title and
filenames. However, for my collect.cfg given below,
only text[Search]and titles A-Z indexes appear. The
filenames index doesn't appear. Please find out the
mistake in the collect.cfg file. I carefully gone
through the file and also tried re-buidling the
collection. I am not able to succeed.

> creator canelib@yhaoo.com
> maintainer canelib@yhaoo.com
> public true

> indexes document:text document:Title document:Source
> defaultindex document:text
> plugin ZIPPlug
> plugin GMLPlug
> plugin TEXTPlug
> plugin HTMLPlug
> plugin EMAILPlug
> plugin PDFPlug
> plugin RTFPlug
> plugin WordPlug
> plugin ArcPlug
> plugin RecPlug
> classify AZList -metadata Title
> classify AZList -metadata Source
> collectionmeta collectionname "sample"
> collectionmeta iconcollection ""
> collectionmeta collectionextra ""
> collectionmeta .document:text "text"
> collectionmeta .document:Title "titles"
> collectionmeta .document:Source "filenames"

Other information:

1. I am using local library (Windows)
2. There are six pdf files in the import directory.No
other file.
3. collect.cfg in the etc directory
4. built the collection in the command line
5. ignore the angular brackets above

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