[greenstone-users] RE: GSDL

From nathan shan
DateMon, 20 Oct 2003 02:02:42 -0700 (PDT)
Subject [greenstone-users] RE: GSDL


Kindly answer to the following. I am at the beginning
level. I have been working with the software for the
last one month.

Background information: Greenstone ver.2.40a, Local
library installation, MS Internet explorer browser.

1.In the display on browsing, at the beginning of
each title, there are two icons. One is PDF icon
(original) and another Text icon (Is it Greenstone
format?). Only, with PDF icon, I am able to see the
document properly. The other icon does not display the
document properly.
How to hide that Text icon? I want to display only
the source file icon.

2. When a subject-hierarchy file is created (sub.txt)
and when subject is browsed, the different subjects
are displayed in a hierarchical mannner with an Icon
in front of each subject. Is it possible to replace
the icons with numerals i.e 1, 1.1., 1.11, 2., 2.1,
etc. How to do that?

3. when a document is displayed (especially
journal article / book / theses) either through
Browsing/Searching, Is it possible to display its
Table of contents (i.e. the different headings and
subheadings, just like book-marks in MS Word document
OR subject hierarchy display while browsing as
mentioned above) of that document and to select and
see whichever portion of the document that is

4. How to change the appearance of the home page of a
collection? Which is the macro pertaining to this, how
to modify and bring them into effect, and in what
language it has been written......

5. Everthing of the collection revolves around mainly
two files viz. Collect.cfg and metadata.xml. What is
the language/syntax rules used to write these files.
How to get a complete understanding/explanation (word
by word) of what is written in these files and the
full syntax system (like classify, format etc.).

Rest in next

Awaiting a reply


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