[greenstone-users] Question's concerning MG

From schild
DateTue, 15 Feb 2005 18:45:41 +0100
Subject [greenstone-users] Question's concerning MG

at the moment I am trying to get a little deeper into all the features
that Greenstone V2.52 offers to understand which of those could be
interesting for the project I want to use Greenstone for. As I was
looking for documentation about the MG Indexing and search-engine, I
found some interesting information on a WEB site describing the
functionalities of this software package. Apparently one feature of MG
is a "Query-by-Example" or also denoted as "Relevance Feedback"
function. This function can be implemented by customizing MG. My first
question is now:

1. Can this function (Relevance feedback) be used within the Greenstone
digital library? And if so, how do I have to configure it. Furthermore,
does anyone know, how MG evaluates the feedback that the user of the
digital library submits?

Secondly, on the Greenstone homepage it is mentioned that version 2.52
includes a "Lucene building support". I would be interested in testing
different indexing and search programs. So does this building support
mean, that I can configure Greenstone to use Lucene instead of MG or
MGPP? Again if so, what changes do I have to apply where?

Thanks for your helpful replies in advance,

Axel Schild


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