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From Stephen DeGabrielle
DateMon, 27 Jun 2005 10:07:32 +0930
Subject Re: [greenstone-users] mp3 streaming
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Hi Rowdy,

You need to add the location of the mp3 on your helix sever to your metadata.
This can be done two ways;

1. Manually in the GLI - you will need a document to point to like
song notes or an image (the gli needs something to attach the metadata
to ) - just enter the address in dc.Identifier (or whatever metadata
field you choose) then include it as a link

2. Automatically extract it with a plugin. The easiest way to do this
is to make a html page for each mp3 that includes a link to the mp3 on
the streaming server. then import with HTMLPlug. There may be other
plugins that are suitable - or you could modify one to suit your
purposes (even I have managed this at times)

I hope this helps.


On 6/26/05, Rowdy Reptile <> wrote:
> I'm building an audio collection (mostly mp3) using Greenstone. I'd like to
> stream the mp3's and rather not let the users download the audio (because of
> copyright issues). I plan to stream them thru Helix server.
> Now here is the thing..i built the collection by drag-drop of mp3s. Now when
> i preview the collection and click on the mp3s.. a dialog popups and asks me
> whether to open or save the mp3 to disk. I don't want this to happen. I want
> the audio to start playing immediately (and not wait till the full file is
> downloaded). Also i want to mask the url so that you know they don't
> download it easily.
> I'd really appreciate it if someone can help me out here.
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