Pertinent questions


  1. Who are the intended users?

  2. Where are they?

  3. What computer experience do they have?

  4. What languages do they know?

  5. Will they need help in accessing the library?

  6. Why do they want to access this material?

  7. What technology (e.g., web browser) will they use?

  8. To what extent should the library record usage?

  9. Can users contribute to the digital library?

  10. How will you evaluate the project's success?


  1. What will be in the digital library?

  2. What format is the material in now?

  3. What format does it need to be in for presentation?

  4. Will users need it to be in  multiple formats?

  5. Do the formats require conversion of the material?

  6. How will you resource the conversion?

  7. Are there copyright or other restrictions?

  8. Will the library be public or restricted to specific clients?

  9. Will you add value (i.e., metadata) to the material?

  10. If so, how will you resource this activity?


  1. What computers will host the digital library?

  2. Who maintains them?

  3. What software will be used?

  4. Do you have resources to purchase/license/maintain it?

  5. How will the material be converted to the delivery format?

  6. How will you control access?

  7. How will you interoperate with other libraries?

  8. Can the material be exported from the digital library software?

  9. What would this cost?

  10. If you add value, can these additions be exported?

Table 1.1: Pertinent questions;