Items in format strings




Link to the document (Greenstone version)


The href of the link to the document (Greenstone version), without the <a> tag


Link to the original document if the original was converted to another form


Appropriate icon for a classifier/document node, e.g., bookshelf, book, chapter, page


Appropriate icon for the original source document, e.g., Word, PDF, PostScript


Position of the document in the search results (useful for debugging)


Number of documents below the current classifier node


Text of the current section


Related Documents info (if available): a vertical list of Titles (or Subjects if Titles aren't available) that link to the related documents—based on "relation" metadata, which is a space separated list of collection, OID pairs


Used to bold selected section in a hierarchical table of contents, and the selected node in a classifier (has no effect otherwise)


Display summary metadata or creates a short summary on the fly


Internal identifier of the current section of the document


Top level internal identifier of the current document


Rank of the document—used in search results


URL of the document's cover image


Directory name of the collection this document is from, for use in cross-collection searching


Collection metadata for the collection this document is from, for use in cross-collection searching, e.g., [collection:collectionname]


Value of this metadata element for the document

Table 10.5: Items in format strings;