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Bibliographies on Operating Systems Research

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7977 The IMMD IV Bibliography on Operating Systems (1999)
4018 Bibliography of publications of, and about, the USENIX Association, and of USENIX conferences and workshops (1997)
1353 Bibliography of the Linux Journal (1999)
876 Bibliography on Unix books (2000)
610 Bibliography on threads and multithreading (1995)
560 Bibliography of publications in the UnixWorld Open Computing Magazines (1995)
383 Bibliography on the Mach operating system (1999)
361 Bibliography on Linux, a UNIX-like operating system (2000)
332 Bibliography on operating systems (1989)
245 Bibliography on storage hierarchies and simulation techniques (1987)
219 Bibliography on file systems (1997)
181 Bibliography on multithreaded programming (1999)
94 Bibliography on Minix, a UNIX-like operating system (1997)
87 Bibliography of Single-Address-Space Operating Systems and related articles (1994)
85 Bibliography on multi-media operating systems (1994)
81 Bibliography on bin-packing and storage problems (1990)
79 Bibliography on Unix (1986)
46 Bibliography on operating systems research (1999)
41 Bibliography on the AT&T Plan 9 distributed operating system (1996)
37 Proceedings of the 12th-13th ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles, 1989-1991 (1991)
14 Bibliography of the Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI) 1994 (1994)
17679Total number of references in this section

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