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6.2. On Emergency Epidemics Control Plan

A. Surveillance and Early detection of an Epidemic

Chad has developed a performing surveillance system but this system does not allow early detection of an epidemic. For this purpose, cases should be reported and compiled weekly. In the department of statistics (BSPE), there is no expertise in Epidemiology. According to the current plans, the department of epidemiology in the Division of Preventive Medicine and Rural Health (DMPSR) will not establish any future structure for epidemic control.

In the existing surveillance system developed in the BSPE, meningitis cases in children under 5 years old are not reported for unexplained reasons. This leads to an important underreporting of the cases.

B. Response to an epidemic

Some response elements have been developed such as therapeutic guidelines for meningitis epidemics, but there are no integrated plans for epidemic control.

- Strengths

- CASU: this committee plays an essential role in the coordination of international assistance requests and assistance and for resource mobilisation.

- cooperation with NGOs and other International agencies

- good and simple treatment protocol for CSM epidemic

- Weaknesses

- high centralisation
- no surveillance system for rapid detection of an outbreak
- indicators should be revised
- no structure for preparedness or response
- poor communication network
- no buffer stocks
- lack of expertise in epidemiology

There are, as described above, many Emergency Mechanisms systems for food and nutritional status monitoring. These different systems overlap. On the other hand, in the health sectors, capacities are poor.