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Content Outline

3.1 Policies and Organization

3.1.1 UNICEF's perception of an emergency
3.1.2 Role of UNICEF and obligations
3.1.3 Priorities for UNICEF's response
3.1.4 Responsibilities for UNICEF's response (HQ, RO and COs)

3.2 Key Emergency Management Activities

3.2.1 Early Warning
3.2.2 Pre-disaster planning
3.2.3 Assessment
3.2.4 Operations planning
3.2.5 Decision-making
3.2.6 Information management
3.2.7 Negotiation
3.2.8 Monitoring
3.2.9 Evaluation

3.3 Possible Needs and Responses

3.3.1 Food/nutrition
3.3.2 Health
3.3.3 Water supplies
3.3.4 Hygiene and sanitation
3.3.5 Shelter
3.3.6 Child care and psyco-social needs

3.4 Field Office Operations

3.4.1 Mobilizing and managing personnel
3.4.2 Assuring capacity and support services
3.4.3 Managing funds
3.4.4 Ordering and receiving supplies
3.4.5 External relations

3.5 Training of Trainers

3.5.1 Sharing knowledge and skills with other staff members in country offices
3.5.2 Ways of sharing: training, briefing, distribution of materials