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Objectives of the Workshop

The overall objective of the training programme is to improve the quality and impact of UNICEF's responses to natural and man-made emergency situations. The specific objectives of this workshop are:

1. Be familiar with UNICEF's mandated policy and procedures for emergency operations and preparedness.

2. Understand the characteristics of the global relief system for emergencies.

3. Describe general management principles relevant to emergency operations.

4. Sufficiently understand technical emergency issues to manage professionals in the fields of health, nutrition, water, media, sanitation, logistics, etc.

5. Use and apply the Assisting in Emergencies Handbook in his/her region and country.

6. Identify early warning signs of an emergency and actions that can be taken when they are identified.

7. Identify and explain the steps and priorities in an emergency operation.

8. Access an emergency situation and prepare a plan of action and implementation.

9. Plan a UNICEF staffing of emergency operations.

10. Plan for a phase out of emergency operations.

11. Recognize opportunities provided by an emergency situation.

12. Share the basic information gained at this Workshop in an effective learning environment to other staff members in their offices.

Beside the general objectives of the workshop, there are specific and more detailed objectives for each session which you will find under each session's guidelines. If you need the workshop to meet some other learning needs, do not hesitate to bring this to the workshop organizer's or session moderator's attention, who will try as much as they can to address this need.