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Use of the Package

1.1 This UNICEF Training Package on Emergency Management contains all the materials required for this course except supplementary readings and is designed to help the trainers/speakers to develop their own lesson plans. Its contents are intended to:

1.1.1 Advise the trainer/speaker on the objectives and learning points of each session and the workshop as a whole.

1.1.2 Minimize the preparation time needed by the trainer/speaker.

1.1.3 Facilitate learning and selection of appropriate teaching methods.

1.2 Session Layout and Content

To facilitate the use of the Package, the course materials are:

1.2.1 Listed by session which can be easily located by means of a numbered tab.

1.2.2 Each session has a similar plan.

1.2.3 For each session, the session plan presents the following information:

i) learning objectives;
ii) learning points to be covered during session;
iii) possible learning methods;
iv) required reading;
v) supplementary reading;
vi) speakers’ preparation aids.

1.3 In Preparing for Your Session

1.3.1 Review objectives and learning points of other sessions to build on and establish linkages with other presentations and avoid duplication.

1.3.2 Attend other sessions if possible or at least those most relevant to your presentation.

1.3.3 Discuss your session and coordinate with other presentors.

1.3.4 Establish the knowledge and skills of the participants upon which you will build on your presentation (this could be established through studying the information sheets on the participants and attending some of the sessions, particularly the ones on the first day).