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close this bookDisaster Economics (Department of Humanitarian Affairs/United Nations Disaster Relief Office - United Nations Development Programme , 1994, 56 p.)
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View the documentUnited Nations reorganization and the Disaster Management Training Programme
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close this folderPART 1 - Disasters and economics
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View the documentWhat is economics about?
View the documentThe quantitative focus
View the documentThe practical thought process
View the documentEconomic analysis as applied to disasters
View the documentIs disaster economics different from economics?
View the documentOptimal planning
View the documentThe incentive structure
View the documentThe overall picture
View the documentGeneral and sectoral rehabilitation requirements
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close this folderPART 2 - Alternative disaster scenarios
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View the documentThe general multi-sectoral disaster
View the documentDisasters caused by economic mismanagement
View the documentDisasters involving displaced populations and refugees
View the documentDisasters leading to food insecurity
View the documentDisasters involving environmental challenges
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close this folderPART 3 - Financing options
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View the documentThe traditional route
View the documentDebt swaps
View the documentBlocked funds
View the documentTriangular food aid
View the documentTrust funds
View the documentDisaster insurance
View the documentRevolving funds
View the documentCentral Bank Assistance
View the documentCoordinating foreign disaster assistance
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View the documentAnnex 1: Acronyms
View the documentAnnex 2: Additional reading
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