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close this bookDisaster Management Ethics - Trainer's Guide - 1st Edition (Disaster Management Training Programme, 104 p.)
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View the documentTrainer's guide
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View the document(introduction...)
View the document1. Objectives
View the document2. Ethics - What is it?
View the document3. Morals - What are they?
View the document4. Ethical behavior/actions
View the document5. WHAT informs ethical decision-making?
View the document6. ETHICAL dilemma
View the document7. WHO decides what is ethical behavior?
View the document8. Ethics as a process
close this folderTOPIC 1: Military intervention in disaster relief, cooperative relationships and implications for long-term rehabilitation and development
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View the document9. Introduction
View the document10. Relationship between disaster management and conflict resolution
View the document11. Intervention activities
View the document12. Ethical decision making on utilization of military forces
View the document13. Ethical Issue #1
View the document14. Ethical Issue #2
View the document15. Ethical Issue #3
View the document16. Ethical Issue #4
View the document17. Ethical Issue #5
View the document18. Ethical Issue #6
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close this folderTOPIC 2: Providing humanitarian assistance to displaced populations and refugees
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View the document21. Introduction
View the document22. Three types of ethical dilemmas
View the document23. Ethical issues
View the document24. More ethical issues
View the document25. Ethical Issue #1
View the document26. Ethical Issue #2
View the document27. Ethical Issue #3
View the document28. Ethical Issue #4
View the document29. Ethical Issue #5
View the document30. Ethical Issue #6
View the document31. Ethical Issue #7
View the document32. Ethical Issue #8
View the document33. Ethical Issue #9
View the document34. Ethical Issue #10
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close this folderTOPIC 3: The relationship of disaster response to on-going economic and social development
View the document36. Introduction
View the document37. Ethical Questions
View the document38. Ethical Question #1
View the document39. Ethical Question #2
View the document40. Ethical Question #3
View the document41. Ethical dilemmas from traditional approaches to emergency assistance
View the document42. Conceptual assumptions underlying traditional emergency disaster response
View the document43. New conceptualization
View the document44. Operational change #1
View the document45. Operational change #2
View the document46. Summary
close this folderTOPIC 4: Disaster fund raising, appeals and the utilization of funding resources
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View the document47. Introduction
View the document48. Issues for groups involved in emergency disaster relief
View the document49. Unethical double standard
View the document50. Resource allocations must be consistent with identified need
View the document51. Humanitarian assistance expenditures
View the document52. Ethical Litmus Test
View the document53. Summary
close this folderTOPIC 5: Disaster declaration and response
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View the document54. Introduction
View the document55. Ethical issues
View the document56. Ethical Issue #1
View the document57. Ethical Issue #2
View the document58. Ethical Issue #3
View the document59. Ethical Issue #4
View the document60. Ethical Issue #5
View the document61. Ethical Issue #6
View the document62. Ethical Issue #7
View the document63. Deliberating ethical issues
View the document64. Factors influencing ethical deliberations
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