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Nigerians generally feel positive about the future of their country, even in the midst of economic recession and political upheaval. When asked if they think peace will last in the future, 82 per cent say they do, while only 8 per cent think there will be more war, perhaps not surprising for a nation that has not seen a general war for the past three decades.

The arrival of the ICRC team in Nigeria coincided with the restoration of the first freely elected civilian ruler in 15 years. Many respondents see the inauguration of a new President and the installation of a new constitution as a positive step for the future.

Let me start by saying one of the good things that has happened to us in this country was on Saturday, May 29 and since then there have been changes in the government... Everybody is involved. This is the beginning of good things that will happen to the new Nigeria. (FG, journalists, Lagos)

I have to support in that idea just said because it's a new government we started. I can see that we have started moving somewhere and by the grace of God if they will not interrupt and hold on and allow civilians to carry on, I think things will get better for us. (FG, former Biafran captured combatants, Port Harcourt)

I have every reason to believe that Nigeria is about its bearings, and that the future cannot be underestimated. (FG, former Federal Army commanders, Kaduna)