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6. Data Collection

Most of the information has been gathered from the department of epidemiology.

It was difficult to get information and data on the 1988 epidemic. On the contrary, data on the 1989 epidemic were easier to get. This indicates perhaps the better organisation in the MOH during the second year of these epidemic waves. The analysis produced by the Department of Epidemiology on these epidemics concerns the two years 1988 & 1989. A number of daily reports and several weekly reports were lost. It was not possible to find any written record of the different actions taken during that epidemic. Most of the few existing documents are written in Arabic.

Another source of information within the MOH would have been the Department of Statistics. But first, data for 1988 are not yet available and secondly, the data are less reliable than that reported directly to the Department of Epidemiology.

In WHO office, the file on this 1988 epidemic has disappeared.

Finally, more than two years after the event it was not easy to identify witnesses of this epidemic in other organizations.

1. Data collected:

Epidemiologic data on the 1988 epidemic in Omdurman:

- N° of cases - deaths - per town sector per day from March to June 1988
- N° of cases per town sector and per week from 15/3 to 15/5
- N° of cases/hosp/day from 1/3 to may 1988
- N° of vaccinations from 1/3 to may 1988
- Total N° of hospital admissions in Feb. to June 1988 & tot. N° of beds
- gross information (pop. density...) on most affected town sectors

Epidemiologic data on the 1988 epidemic in Khartoum region:

- weekly reports


- Monthly reports N° of cases-deaths/month/town (3) 1988-1989

- N° of vaccines distributed from Jan 1 to May 1988

Epidemiologic data on CSM in the Sudan

- N° cases-deaths per month per region (7) 1980;1982 to 1989.

2. Reports

- CSM Meningitis in Sudan 1988 and 1989 El Sadiq; El Khalifa; D. Robinson.

- Epide de Mngite - Soudan - Fier-Mars 1988. Rapport d'luation - Dr. Christophe Paquet; Epicentre; Paris.

- Report of cerebrospinal Meningitis Survey. Khartoum, Sudan. May 1988. MOH, Department of epidemiology. EMRO, NAMRU - 3

3. Other documents and Maps

- map of Omdurman
- map of Displaced Population in KHT
- 1987 Health Directory