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close this bookCerebrospinal Meningitis Epidemics and Surveillance Systems in the Sudan, Ethiopia and Chad (Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, 1990, 40 p.)
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7. Data Collected

1. Data

- cases/per day/origin/sex/age FEB. 1988-MAY 1988 in N'Djamena

- CSM N° vaccinations in N'Djamena in 1988

- CSM cases deaths per region & month: 1974-1975-1976

- 1987-1988: CSM cases per month per prefecture (5 prefectures)

- Chari-Baguirmi
- Kanem
- Mayo-Kebbi
- Guera Salamat

- 1988 & 1989: 14 prefectures total number of cases deaths per year: 1959 to 1989

2. Other Documents:

- Conduite enir face ne de de Mngite Cbrospinale au Tchad'DMPSR-MSP

- Minutes of the meetings of the CASU:


- Minutes of the meetings of the Crisis Committee: April

- Annuaire de Statistiques Sanitaires du Tchad - Tome A - Ann1989

- Annuaire de Statistiques Sanitaires du Tchad - Tome B - N'Djamena-Ann1988

- WHO/UNICEF Technical Group on Emergency Preparedness; ADDIS-ABABA: April 20-24 1989; Case study: CHAD

- Tgramme Hebdomadaire

- Rapport Mensuel des postes sentinels

- Rapport Mensuel des Formations de Base

- Map of N'Djamena