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Book reviews

Adobe codes. For the owner-coordinator or professional ...
A guide to the adobe codes of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas - with California details. 3rd edition.

Tibbets J.M.

Southwest Solaradobe School, Bosque, USA, 1994. Catalogue : 275 x 350 mm, 76 pages, graph., ill.

Language : English.

Price : not specified.

This book represents the third edition of adobe codes, the first two having been published in 1982 and 1985. In the main part of this catalogue, adobe codes for counties, cities of four states of the Southwest United States are given. In the last part, various articles concerns the practice and research of earthbuilding.

Nigeria monography. CECTech. State of the Franco-Nigerian cooperation programme.


CRATerre-EAG, Villefontaine, France, 1994. 210 x 297 mm, 40 pages, graph., ill., bibl.

Language : French or English

Price : 25,00 FF

This document relates the different stages of the cooperation project between the National Commission for Museums and Monuments and the French Embassy in Nigeria for the creation and the development of the CECTech (Centre for Earth Construction Technology). This document presents the CECTech, its activities in the development of earth construction and research in Nigeria.

The Characterization of earthen building materials

Historic Preservation Division, ICCROM, CRATerre-EAG, GAIA Project, National Park Service, New Mexico State Monuments, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe/Rome/Villefontaine, United States/Italia/France, 1994. Video : PAL or SECAM, 60 min.

Language : English.
Price : 130,00 FF
This video shows laboratory tests to identify the soil suitability : grain size distribution ; sedimentation ; Atterberg limits.