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Blanket Lift (Four or Six Rescuers) (Figure 5:21)

5.25 Blanket Lift (Four or Six Rescuers) (Figure 5:21)

This is an effective method for loading or moving a casualty in a confined space:

(a) Make a stretcher ready using one blanket only.

(b) Roll a blanket lengthwise and lay the rolled edge along the side of the casualty (casualty flat on back).

(c) Roll the edge back to about half the width of the blanket.

(d) The leader then directs two (or three) rescuers to kneel down on each side of the casualty. The rescuers on one side ease the casualty over on one side and the rolled section of the blanket is pushed well underneath the casualty.

(e) With the rolled up section of the blanket now under the centre of the casualty, the casualty is eased over in the opposite direction and the blanket is unrolled. The casualty should now be lying flat on two thicknesses of blanket.

(f) The sides of the blanket are rolled up close to the casualty's body to provide handgrips for the bearers. (Figure 5:21)

(g) On the order from the leader, the casualty is lifted waist high, and carried to the stretcher.

(h) On the order from the leader, the casualty is lowered onto the stretcher.

(i) The blanketing is then completed with one blanket, leaving the lifting blanket in position.

This 'blanket carry' can also be used as an improvised stretcher for carries over moderate distances.

NOTE: Suspected spinal injured casualties can be safely transported by this method with correct immobilisation of the spine and with particular attention paid to the head and neck.

Fig 5:21 The blanket lift