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THE SPECIFICS: Disaster Preparedness

The following guide is designed as an aid to the presentation of the module on Disaster Preparedness. Although the overheads provided and the cues to the presentation are a complete set, they are really only a starting point for your presentation.

If your available time is less than 3 hours for the full presentation, you will have to decide which points to cover and which to delete. If your personal experience has given you additional insights or illustrations of the points presented, integrate them into your presentation. You may want to add or delete overheads to the presentation.

Similarly, you must know your audience and their needs in order to make the presentation pertinent to the group. If the information is available early enough, you can alter the material to suit the particular needs of the trainees. Remember, the guide is for a "generic" presentation on this topic. Your input can help "bring the information home" to the participants.

Materials you will need

All of the usual items required for these presentations are listed under the first part of this guide: "The Basics." Some additional items particular to this module include:

· Copies of the training module on Disaster Preparedness. You may prefer to distribute these at the end of the session in order to keep the group more focused on the presentation.

· A copy of the UNDP/UNDRO Disaster Management Manual

· Copies of other illustrative documents to which you may have access

· Copies of the module, "An Overview of Disaster Management"

The Presentation

This presentation is based on a total session of three hours.


Introduce yourself. Have participants introduce themselves, perhaps by using one of the icebreakers recommended in "The Basics."

Topic identification

Introduce the topic of disaster preparedness. Explain your format, schedule, and arrangements for breaks and messages.

Objective setting

Ask participants to modify as they see fit your list of learning objectives.

Optional Activity

If time allows, the following exercise would be very useful. Request the participants to turn to the Appendix of the module. This is the checklist of basic information required by a UN-DMT and is taken from the UNDP/UNDRO Disaster Management Manual. Nevertheless, the information to which it refers will be of interest to a very wide audience.

The activity is for you to assign each highlighted topic (for example "Disaster profile of country") to 1-3 participants. (14 topics in total) Give them 3-5 minutes to read their section and then ask each in turn where they would go to get the information requested by that part of the checklist.

WRAP-UP (15 minutes)

· Recall major issues covered in the session.
· Identify conclusion reached.
· Identify questions left unanswered.
· Ask everyone to complete the evaluation form and thank them for attending.