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close this bookCountry Report Somalia - ICRC Worldwide Consultation on the Rules of War (International Committee of the Red Cross , 1999, 54 p.)
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View the documentAbout the people on war project
View the documentCountry context
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View the documentExecutive summary
close this folderThe war experience
View the documentWidespread conflict
View the documentRape and brutality
close this folderProtection of civilians
View the documentLimits on wartime behaviour
View the documentNorms, tradition and religion
View the documentWeapons of war
close this folderCivilians and captured combatants at risk
View the documentBlurring the line between combatants and civilians
View the documentCaptured combatants at risk
close this folderBreakdown of limits
View the documentThe cycle of violence
View the documentLength of the war
View the documentThe nature of clan warfare
View the documentYouth, militias and brutality
View the documentCollapse of authority: Declining influence of tribal elders
View the documentA national vacuum
View the documentTurning to faith
close this folderGeneva Conventions
View the documentKnowledge and efficacy of the Geneva Conventions
View the documentPunishment of war crimes
close this folderInternational institutions
View the documentUnited Nations
View the documentICRC/Red Crescent
View the documentAnnex 1: General methodology
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