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The Scenario

The scenario takes place in a small, low-lying country called Logicoast where a major flood has taken place. Standing crops have been destroyed and most food stocks ruined. People have fled the area and have formed ad hoc camps where they are parceling out meager rations. Others have fled individually to higher ground where they are stranded until flood waters recede, although it is unlikely they can return to their homes in the near future as more heavy rains are predicted. The now defunct Logicoast Emergency Planning Council (formed after the last great flood 15 years ago) developed a plan of action which has been neglected and not updated to suit current conditions.

Preliminary assessments indicate 400,000 people are in temporary encampments accessible by road. They require an immediate shipment of 5,000 MT of grain and 200 MT of oil, medical supplies, tents, blankets and drinking water to last a month. The major problem is that the main bridge to the area traverses a large river and is in poor condition. If it should collapse, trucks will be lost and the route will be useless. At least 40 trucks will be required to get enough food to the area for several weeks. Another problem is that the route is choked with debris.

An additional 100,000 persons have moved up into the hilly areas. It is very difficult to ascertain their numbers and their condition as the areas are not easily reached. Access to the areas with trucks is impossible. The rivers are too deep to cross and the soil very muddy. It is assumed that they will need food immediately and blankets or tents in order to avoid severe exposure. The hills are filled with bandits or who may prey on the afflicted people.