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close this bookC.I.S.F.A.M.: Consolidated Information System for Famine Management in Africa - Phase One Report (Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters - World Health Organisation, 1987, 33 p.)
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4.1. Work in Progress: Phase One

CISFAM is conceived to function as a network of different units holding data on the African countries under the threat of famine.

The data base is currently being reorganized and additional data received is being introduced into the structure. Completion of the sub-national or district level data for the Senegal case is envisaged towards the end of 1987 and complete annexes prepared. The project continues to work closely with GRID in developing appropriate models and applications of the image-processing software to the available health data. A minimum information system kit for use at the CISFAM country level will be prepared. This will consist of the data base framework for time series and transversal data, the country data as collected, the softwares and support programmes; users manual and a three day training session programme.

A closed workshop to discuss the possibility of an Africa Health and Disaster Data Cooperative is planned. All CISFAM participating countries, non-governmental agencies and other operational organizations working in this area, will be invited to participate. The use and applicability of a CISFAM type database for famine management and procedures for its transfer to country or regional levels will be discussed. The workshop would also include a discussion on the ways and means of inter-acting with the users and the development of a data network and co-operative. Time would be devoted to discussing country papers on each participating country’s information needs, capabilities and sectoral issues. Background and country papers will be prepared for this purpose.

In addition to the Workshop, CISFAM plans on a programme to create among the user community awareness of CISFAM and especially promote information use in participating countries. Presentations in appropriate WHO workshops will be organized to inform the potential users as to how they can participate in CISFAM and benefits to be derived from this information exchange. Participation in these presentations will be encouraged amongst NGO’s involved in disaster relief operations.