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close this bookC.I.S.F.A.M.: Consolidated Information System for Famine Management in Africa - Phase One Report (Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters - World Health Organisation, 1987, 33 p.)
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View the documentEXECUTIVE SUMMARY
close this folderCHAPTER 1: Famine, Health and Relief: Issues and Observations
View the document1.1. The African Food Crisis
View the document1.2. Famine Relief, Health and Development: Policy Issues
close this folderCHAPTER 2: CISFAM: An Experimental Information System
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View the document2.1. Background and Rationale
View the document2.2. Typology and Framework
close this folder2.3 Overview of the Databases Examined
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View the documentLimitations and Caveats in the Data
View the document2.4 Data Source Agencies and Negotiations
close this folderCHAPTER 3: Information Systems, Databases and the CISFAM Project: Overview of General Findings
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View the document3.1 GRID Technology Applied to CISFAM Data: Image Processing Potential
close this folder3.2 CISFAM Informatic Considerations
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View the document3.2.1. Computer Software Use and Development: An Overview of Low-cost Options
View the document3.2.2. Hard and Software Capabilities and Needs: CRED
close this folderCHAPTER 4: Plan of Activities: Phase I and II
View the document4.1. Work in Progress: Phase One
View the document4.2. Future Plans: Phase Two
View the documentFindings and Conclusions