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The people behind this essay

David Wigg has been a foreign correspondent for three London newspapers: The Times, The Daily Telegraph, and The Independent. He is now a writer-consultant at the World Bank. The following people at the World Bank helped produce the booklet Michael Prest, manager of the World Bank Development Essays series; Deirdre T. Murphy, editor; and Joyce C. Petruzzelli, designer. Donald Plucknett, Michael Collinson, and Heinrich von Loesch, all of CGlAR, read the text and commented on it. Alexander Shakow, director of the Bank's External Affairs Department, and Timothy Cullen, chief of the department's Information and Public Affairs division, gave support to the series .John Maxwell Hamilton, formerly of the Bank and now of Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, created the idea for the series.

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Wigg, David, 1939

The quiet revolutionaries: a look at the campaign by agricultural scientists to fight hunger ... and how the much-neglected cassava could help David Wigg.

p. cm.—(World Bank development essays; Z)

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I International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
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