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close this bookRwanda - Health Sector Needs and Recommendations for the Transition Phase (Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters, 1998, 39 p.)
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8. Conclusions and lessons learnt

At the end of 1997, Rwanda presents a complex picture where humanitarian and development assistance are implemented in different parts of the country. This is also reflected in the health sector, which is one of the major components of international assistance.

Overall, humanitarian response should only be approved in parts of the country where development programmes cannot operate. However, humanitarian aid should participate in the planning of post-crises transition projects, which are essential preconditions for development. These actions include amongst others, reconstruction of critical infrastructure, resettlement of refugees, stabilisation of the government, mental health services, essential drug programme and demobilisation of ex-combatants. Some initiatives have already been undertaken in the country and should be continued. Along with these initiatives, preparedness activities frequently overlooked once a crisis is past, is required to reinforce the community's capacity to face new crises.

Overall, development and humanitarian agencies should establish joint operating principles and ensure institutional links. Today, the problem of transition from relief to development is a priority not only in Rwanda but in many other countries in the African continent.