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5.2. Private sector

Since employment facility in the agricultural sector is limited, by 2010 some 1,2 million people (200 000 households) will have to quit farming22. Since, at this time, the private sector is negligible, the only way to escape unemployment, is getting a job in the public sector. Labour absorption in this sector is limited, since government revenues are irregular and uncertain. As a consequence of these combined factors, a majority of the urban population works in the informal sector.

22Ibid pg 5

Because of these problems, expansion of the private sector is urgently required. The development of micro-enterprises, based on the agriculture seems to attract government and aid agency interest. UNDP has already started a program to develop micro-enterprises in urban and rural areas. The industrial sector on the other hand does not present a realistic option due to lack of skilled labour, technology and the landlocked character of Rwanda.