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VI. Recommendations for the follow-up of the conference

48. Governments are urged to promote continued work by relevant ministries and the strengthening or establishment of the ICN focal points where appropriate, and, with other concerned parties, to improve nutritional status, including the following:

(a) To prepare or improve, as early as possible and not later than the end of 1994, national plans of action and policies based on the principles and strategies enunciated in this World Declaration and Plan of Action. These need to be based on an analysis of the country situation and developed with the active participation of all relevant ministries, local governments and communities, non-governmental and research organizations and the private sector.

(b) To allocate and mobilize the financial and human resources necessary for implementation.

(c) To prepare, where appropriate, specific proposals for research priorities and capacity building, establishing links between government, non-governmental sectors, appropriate organizations and academic institutions.

(d) To develop coordinated intersectoral mechanisms for implementing, monitoring and evaluating the agreed national plan of action.

(e) To disseminate to the public, which may include parliamentary bodies, information on the principles and objectives of the World Declaration and Plan of Action for Nutrition as well as on the progress made and targets reached.

(f) To strengthen collaboration with NGOs, community agencies, local private sector representatives and citizens on the design and implementation of the country action plan.

49. The international community, including bilateral, international and multilateral agencies, and institutions providing capital and/or technical assistance are urged as soon as possible and to the extent their mandates and resources allow to allocate assured and increased funds to recipient countries, institutions and NGOs, as appropriate, for the preparation and implementation of national plans of action.

50. The governing bodies of FAO and WHO and other relevant international organizations are requested to give specific consideration during 1993 to determining ways and means of strengthening their capabilities towards implementing this World Declaration and Plan of Action FAO and WHO are requested to consider the inclusion of periodic reports on the overall follow-up of the ICN on the agenda of the regular FAO regional conferences and WHO regional committee meetings.

51. UN organizations and other concerned parties are requested to prepare and disseminate information for the public on the World Declaration and Plan of Action.

52. In conclusion, the ICN should be viewed as a milestone in the continuing process to eliminate hunger and malnutrition, especially in the developing countries, and at the same time to prevent an increase in the incidence of diet-related communicable and non-communicable diseases. The ICN preparatory process began at the national and regional levels and, to be effective, its follow-up must now be firmly anchored in national and regional commitment and efforts to protect and promote the nutritional well-being of all.