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close this bookAgricultural and rural development policy in Latin America. New directions and new challenges. (FAO Agricultural Policy and Economic Development Series - 2) (1997)
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close this folderI. Neoliberal Policy Reforms and New Directions in Agricultural Development Policy
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View the document1. Washington Consensus and Agriculture
View the document2. Redefining the Role of the State
View the document3. New Approaches to Agricultural Development Policy
close this folderII. Economic and Agricultural Performance and the Changing Policy Environment
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View the document1. Economic Performance and Policy Environment
View the document2. Agricultural Performance
close this folderIII. The Evolution of Agricultural Policy
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close this folder1. Trade
View the document1.1. Policy Reforms
View the document1.2. Transitional Issues
View the document1.3. New Market Compatible Policies
close this folder2. Agricultural Product and Factor Markets
View the document2.1. Policy Reforms
View the document2.2. Transitional Issues
View the document2.3. New Market Compatible Policies
close this folder3. Rural Financial Markets
View the document3.1. Policy Reforms
View the document3.2. Transitional Issues
View the document3.3. New Market Compatible Policies
close this folder4. Land Reform and Land Markets
View the document4.1. Policy Reforms
View the document4.2. Transitional Issues
View the document4.3. New Market Compatible Policies
close this folder5. Research and Extension
View the document5.1. Policies Reforms
View the document5.2. Transitional Issues
View the document5.3. New Market Compatible Policies
close this folder6. Irrigation
View the document6.1. Policy Reforms
View the document6.2. Transitional Issues
View the document6.3. New Market Compatible Polices
close this folderIV. Analysis
View the document1. Responses to Globalization. Differentiated Policies and Interventions
View the document2. Poverty reduction Programs
View the document3. Institutional Reforms and Decentralization
View the document4. Institutional Reconstruction: The Transition from Public to Private Institutions
View the document5. Sequencing of Reforms
View the documentV. New challenges in Agricultural and Rural Development Policy
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