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1.0 Introduction

In this report, issues arising out of discussions with project staff relative to the status and needs of Project TCP/SRL/6614(A) are discussed and recommendations to FAO on long-term needs for an aquatic animal health certification and quarantine program for Sri Lanka, with a view of developing a major proposal for possible donor funding are outlined. An annex to this report (Annex I), prepared for FAO and the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Development (MOFARD), Government of Sri Lanka provides detailed recommendations to the Government of Sri Lanka for development of a comprehensive national policy on the import and export of aquatic animals and the establishment of an aquatic animal health, quarantine and certification program for Sri Lanka. For background on the issues discussed below, please refer to the following FAO documents: (1) Project Document: Project No. TCP/SRL/6614(A) Disease Prevention and Health Management in Coastal Shrimp Culture. Sri Lanka; (2) Office Memorandum from Dr. R.P. Subasinghe to Dr. S. Garcia, Director, Fishery Resources Division, dated 31 March 1997 Back to Office Report on Travel to Thailand and Sri Lanka 24 February to 16 March 1997; and (3) TCP/SRL/6614 Field Document 1 (consultancy report of Dr. S.J. Funge-Smith).

The Terms of Reference for this consultancy are given in Annex II. A detailed itinerary for the consultancy, including institutes and organizations visited, personnel met, and matters discussed, is appended as Annex III.