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close this bookMobilizing science for global food security. Report of the CGIAR Panel on Proprietary Science and Technology. (1998)
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The Panel would wish to thank warmly all the many people who helped in its work, including (but without derogating from the generality of the foregoing):

Members of the TAC Secretariat, in particular Shellemiah Keya, Adriana Pierconti and Irmi Braun, for their efficient arrangements;

the TAC Chair, Don Winkelmann, for continual encouragement and understanding, and his assistant Barbara Harrelson;

Cary Fowler, for advice on the CGIAR system;

Manuel Lantin and Rosina Salerno, who hosted the first meeting at the World Bank, and took part in it;

the Faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, who hosted the second meeting so hospitably, as well as to Emy Peterson and Emery Rowe for administration at that meeting;

ISNAR, in particular Joel Cohen who, as well as attending the second meeting in Berkeley and advising on the final report, carried out the use survey, with the help of Cesar Falconi, John Komen and Michael Blakeney; and to Stein Bie for authorising and encouraging the efforts of his ISNAR colleagues;

Eran Binenbaum who co-authored the survey for the Panel on crop movements, and Bonwoo Koo who presented it to the Panel;

ISAAA, its Chair Clive James, who attended the second meeting, and gave us a presentation and the benefit of ISAAA’s experience: and its Director Anatole Krattiger; and all who took time and trouble to respond to our surveys.

Our special thanks go to Don Plucknett, Panel Secretary and Rapporteur, for diligently recording our meetings, as well as contributing his own extensive knowledge of the CGIAR system and its history: also for organising and hosting, with his associate Robert Kagbo, the meeting at which the Report was finally put together.

Finally, the Chair would like to thank all Panel members for their joint and several contributions: their hard work, in and between meetings; the patience, courtesy and frankness with which they put, and heard, very disparate views; their tolerance of each other and of him; and for their noble efforts (often successful) to stick to the point.

Tim Roberts
2 April 1998