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Conclusions and recommendations

Because of the limited number of specialists in the field of nematology, research findings are limited and emphasis has only been given to the root-knot nematode problem. Much work is needed in all aspects of nematology, but emphasis should be directed towards the following areas:

· surveys should be undertaken to elucidate the identity and impact of nematode species on certain important crops;

· determination of the population dynamics and economic losses caused by certain nematodes on their primary crops;

· determination of the economic thresholds for root-knot nematodes and other important nematode species on various economic crops;

· emphasis should also be given to the control of nematodes by biological means and the use of resistant cultivars.

In order to perform the above tasks, it is imperative that additional nematologists, research assistants and technicians be employed. Also laboratory facilities, equipment and financial support, as illustrated earlier, are needed.